пʼятниця, 15 червня 2012 р.

Like catching clouds

So, after days and days without posting nothing serious here comes a long post.
Years ago I used to wear bermuda shorts, but the last 2-3 years I refuse to wear them. As I use to wear denim shorts on these hot summery days, I decided to give another chance to these Bershka bermudas and to cut them. Let's see.

Yey! Now they are wearable =D
Them I found a spray with artificial snow and begin drawing in the middle of the summer...It seems like clouds...
Then I found my modelling clay and acrylic paint and being inspired in summer I made a leaf for a collar. Now I only have to find a pretty silky strip and I'll have a nice handmade piece of jewelry.

Tomorrow it's my cousin's birthday, so I baked a tasty cake for him :)

And that all was done today only!
Now, a quick week rewiew:

1- My mum found a lost chicken. So cute!
2- Nailpolish from Oriflame. Well, it's my mum's polish, but I was the first to try it.
3- I've been sick these days so I spent most of the time reading books and blogs, watching movies and eating.
4- Bag from H&M. One of my favourites, has an important message and it's just simple and nice.

Yesterday it was so epic when I was trying to make meringues. I started mixing all the ingredients for about 2 minutes, but the foam didn't want to become rigid. I put out all of the mixer, cleaned it and started again. Still without becoming a rigid foam and the mixer was very hot. I was so angry, so I put everything into a deep mold and introduced that all into the oven. In the end my giant meringue was tasty. But my mistake was that firstly I had to mix the egg whites only, and then I could begin to add sugar and so on. And the mixing must last for many minutes, not only for 2-3...

Треба було бачити, як я епічно збивала білки до меренг учора. Зсипала все у чашу кухонного робота - і збивати! Збивала 2 хв, захвилювалася, що піна нестійка. Знову стала збивати. Безрезультатно. Я розхвилювалася, розізлилася, перелила те все в чашку, помила чашу, наново засипала інгредієнти. Після збивання відкриваю - те ж саме! Ще й те чудо стало гарячим. Я злюча висипала те все у глибоку форму, застелену пергаментним папером і закинула в духовку.
А то ж спочатку треба було збивати білки, а потім цукор і решту досипати! І не 2 хвилинки, а багато!!!
Не вийшло так, як я планувала, але той гігантський меренг був смачний. З горем пополам.

In the next post I expect to show you something I've been dreaming for ages and makes me soooooo happy.  Have a nice evening everyone. Going to watch football! =D

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  1. Amazing Post ,love the new Shorts!

    Wish you a great Weekend :)

  2. gorgeous picture. i looove the chick.sooo cute. i remember my childhood. haha

    btw, i really love doing DIY. just like what you did on your pants. love!!

    i'm def. following your blog now. love love!!


  3. love the shorts, great job:))
    btw, the cake looks delicious!
    thanks a lot for visiting!


  4. I like your DIY. The shorts look so nice! And I like this bag from H&M


  5. oh thank you so so much for the cute words, made my day.
    love, Julia :*